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Scissor and booms lifts are not your ordinary electrical tool or gas powered engine, these lifts have low tolerance for mistakes and are extremely safety oriented.  They have safety features such as tip, overload and tilt sensors all of which affect the lift's ability to work when failing and they are there to reduce the chance of injury. Working on Genie lifts requires certified lift trained mechanics which we can provide either in our shop or out on the field.

We have a fully equipped and stocked Sprinter van and we can make custom hydraulic hoses onsite or bring parts to repair our equipment, or yours and reduce down time. We take pride in the fact we have new dependable trucks and our newest service shuttle.

Our new 5 ton truck and trailer has the newest emissions controls and supplies driver comfort to allow our drivers to get to the job site in a timely fashion and ready to get the lift moved quickly and efficiently.

Your Genie lift requires certified trained mechanics
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